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Trade Africa (www.tradecfta.com) is a marketplace for African made products founded by trade expert Maria Immanuel (7) Maria Lisa Immanuel | LinkedIn

In the rise of intra-africa trade, I have travelled to more than 26 African countries while working in international trade. I discovered so many African made products, most being unique to their geographical location. I have also networked with many producers of these products, many being women. When the African Union (AU) launched the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) negotiations around 2016, I figured that to boost intra-African trade, we need visibility of African products online. We also need access to trade information including trade facilitation services. This is how I came up with this idea to develop a digital platform that showcase African products to the world and provides access to trade information such as duty calculator, HS codes and trade agreements. This should be supported by simplification of trade terms to cross – border traders.

At Trade Africa, we pride ourselves in selling quality products manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and are export ready. We also provide trade consulting services including trade data analysis and product market research.

Trade Africa is founded in Namibia and while the aim is to expand exports of Namibian products, our first step is to provide domestic market access. This made us to launch the Namibian Basket which allows us to source directly from SME manufacturers and sell directly to consumers and corporates through our hamper/basket model. The Trade Africa marketplace is currently operating under the Namibian basket model while we expand step by step in the African market. Our payment solution is provided by DPO, we also have options of EFT and Cash on Delivery. The marketplace provide customers with a duty calculators when considering to import. Visit www.tradecfta.com and buy unique products such as Mutete tea, Kombucha, Wine, indigenous Spices, Chili sauces, Cosmetics, music, clothing and many more. All made in Africa.

Our vision is to be Africa’s largest marketplace for export ready SME products